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Restoration Services

Expert technical repair and restoration services

We Can Make Your Instrument Like New Again

The goal of the Manchester Music Violin Shop is to provide expert technical information and restoration (view our gallery) in order to maintain the peak response and sound from your instrument or bow. We are committed to achieving the highest quality standards in restoration and to communication clearly with our customers.

Bridge Fitted
Standard $40.00
Professional $80.00
Standard $150
Professional $300
Standard $250
Professional $500
Soundpost Installed
Violin/Viola $30.00
Cello $60.00
Bass $85.00
Glue Seams (Per bout)
Violin/Viola $20.00
Cello $30.00
New Pegs Installed
Violin/Viola $75.00
Cello $140.00
New Fingerboard
Violin/Viola $250.00
Cello $500.00
Dress Fingerboard
Violin/Viola $75.00
Cello $150.00
Bass $250.00
Remove Top or Back
Violin/Viola $150.00
Cello $250.00
New Bass Bar
Violin/Viola $500.00
Cello $1,000.00
Soundpost Patch
Violin/Viola $500.00
Cello $1,000.00
Neck Graft (Includes fingerboard)
Violin/Viola $1,800.00
Cello $2,200.00
Button Graft (Invisible Button Graft)
Violin/Viola $200.00
Reset Neck and Touch Up
Violin/Viola $250.00
Cello $500.00
Other Services
Clean and Polish Bow Repairs $50.00+
Violin/Viola $45.00
Cello $55.00
Bass $65.00
New Tip
Violin/Viola $45.00
Cello $55.00
Bass $65.00
Silver Winding
Violin/Viola $75.00
Cello $80.00
Bass $85.00
*Prices subject to change

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- Julie Green

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