Our Rentals

We design our rental programs to complement and enhance the educational experience of the growing music student. We believe that using a quality instrument from the start of instruction improves the development of technique, motivation to play, and overall enjoyment of learning the instrument. We use the same standards for adjustments and quality that are expected by the professional players and teachers who frequent our shop.

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Why rent from Manchester Music?

  • A large variety of sizes of each instrument in house to make sure students get the proper size they need to be successful.
  • Greater attention to service and your individual needs.
  • No- hassle size changes as needed.
  • All instruments set-up and maintained in house.
  • By renting from Manchester Music, you are helping to support local music programs that we provide with financial support and free services.

Should I Rent or Buy?

Renting can be a great way to get acquainted with an instrument without the full financial commitment of buying it. . Here are some advantages of renting:

  • The initial financial commitment and overall maintenance costs are reduced. Rental costs include free maintenance and adjustments.
  • Once a child grows, they will need a larger instrument. If your child needs a larger instrument while you are leasing from us, we will offer an exchange at no charge..
  • If you later decide you would like to own the instrument, we have a Rent-to-Buy lease credit program to help you get started.
  • Professional repairs are done on premises.


100% of your first year of rental fees can be applied to the purchase of an instrument.

This can be the one you are currently leasing, a new instrument, or a fine handmade instrument. Please note that your lease credit must be used when you close your lease.